Facebook Buys Travel Review Site Nextstop

Facebook is buying Nextstop, a travel review site launched a year ago by two high-profile Google (NSDQ: GOOG) alums. When we profiled the startup last June, co-founder Adrian Graham told us he thought there was a market in the crowded online reviews space for his site, which features short, Tweet-like reviews of businesses and locales around the world. Facebook, however, seems more interested in Nextstop’s employees.

In a blog post, the Nextstop team — which, in addition to Graham, who helped launch both Google Groups and Picasa, includes Carl Sjogreen, who was instrumental in the creation of Google Calendar — says it is joining Facebook. The site itself is shutting down effective Sept. 1 and its database of reviews is being released under a Creative Commons license, so that others can use it.

This is the latest so-called “acq-hire” for Facebook. Other sites the company has purchased and subsequently shut down include web conversation startup ShareGrove, which it bought in late May, and photo sharing startup Divvyshot, which it purchased in early April.

Last summer, the social network also bought FriendFeed. Facebook has kept that site up, but the deal was widely considered to be a play for the company’s Google-alum heavy team, which included Bret Taylor, who launched Google Maps and is now Facebook’s chief technology officer.