Tubefilter CEO Exits, New Product On The Way

Web series-obsessed Tubefilter Inc is saying goodbye to its CEO. Brady Brim-Deforest, who co-founded the company in 2008 with Marc Hustvedt and Drew Baldwin, has left the company as of June 25. This leaves Hustvedt, Baldwin and Joshua Cohen as the company’s remaining officers; Hustvedt will oversee the company’s day-to-day CEO duties for the time being.

Brim-Deforest, who will retain his status as a Tubefilter co-founder, is leaving to pursue an opportunity “within the digital entertainment world.” While he declined to go into further details, he would say that the new position was with a “larger player” in the space.

This makes Brim-Deforest the second Tubefilter principal to exit the company since this year’s disastrous Streamy Awards — as previously reported, Jamison Tilsner left Tubefilter for Kantar Video a month ago. However, Brim-Deforest says that his decision to leave Tubefilter was completely unrelated to the Streamys.

“Tubefilter’s entering a growth phase, and it’s important for the team to really focus on what it does best — document and catalog the revolution that’s taking place in episodic content. There will be a renewed focus on offerings that relate to that core efficiency in the next few months,” Brim-Deforest said via phone.

This includes both Tubefilter News’ editorial coverage of the web series world and a product currently in development that Brim-Deforest told last May would be called FilterBase.

Described then as “a sort of IMDB for web content,” Hustvedt said via phone today that it’ll be “way more powerful a tool” than the initial description. The name FilterBase is not locked, but is instead just one of a few options being considered, and will be launched sometime later this year.

When asked about Tubefilter’s current level of profitability, Hustvedt said, “If we took a salary, then we wouldn’t be [profitable]. But we cover our costs for sure.” Advertisers and sponsorships are Tubefilter’s primary revenue sources.

“We’re growing up as a company,” Hustvedt added, “And we’ve had our growing pains for sure. But I’m definitely in it to win it.”

Disclosure: NewTeeVee is a media partner for the Streamy Awards, which is owned by Tubefilter.

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