Daily Sprout

Fear of Fake e-Waste Recyclers: Discovery writes: “Fake recyclers are organizations that approach well-meaning community groups like the Boy Scouts or the Make-a-Wish Foundation to help run a local “Recycling Day.” The idea is that people from the community will bring in their old electronics to the legitimate organization’s Recycling Day event. The fake recycler will then haul that e-waste away, and export it to another country with lax environmental regulations.”

Solar Startup Solasta Succumbs: Greentech Media reports that: “Unable to obtain more cash, the KP-funded next-gen PV startup sells its assets and closes up shop.”

Ultra-Battery Tech: MIT Tech Review details how an early-stage “ultra-battery,” announced recently in the journal Nature Chemistry “is the most condensed form of energy storage outside of nuclear energy.”

BP Dumping Waste: CNN shoots this video on BP dumping oil spill waste in Mississippi.

Heat Wave & Climate Change: The New York Times notes, “Politics aside, what does one heat wave really mean? Not too much. As climate science informs us, individual weather events say little about the state of the global climate, which is measured by decades, centuries and millennia, not days.”