Android This Week: Big Revenue; Free Apps; Droid X Here

Android is gaining new users in staggering numbers. Google’s (s goog) most recent activation numbers from June: 160,000 new Android phones turned on each day. That’s big by any standard. Those activations translate into big money for Android phone makers, and since HTC is the largest of those, it explains why the company’s second quarter financial results were extremely high. HTC posted a 63 percent revenue growth in the quarter, for a quarterly total of $1.88 billion.

The growth of Android Market is playing a role in the platform’s success, with the number of apps available to phone owners rising daily. Many app developers are choosing to work with Android over other platforms, and that pushes the number of apps ever upward, with an ever-healthier selection in every category. Android owners tend to like free apps more than those on other smartphone platforms, so this list of the Top 5 Productivity Apps is a good place for those with Android phones to look for free tools.

Meanwhile, Motorola (s mot) and Verizon (s vz) are readying the newest member of the Droid phone line for release, the Droid X. This phone is Motorola’s latest Android product and is already generating a lot of buzz in the tech world. Our own Kevin Tofel has a Droid X in his hands for evaluation, so keep an eye out for his coverage of what looks like a very hot Android device. I have one scheduled to arrive at any time, so you’ll be able to get a unique dual perspective on this phone here on the GigaOM network.