mSpot, Bell Canada Push More Video to the iPad

The iPad continues to prove itself as a video consumption device, with two announcements this morning that underline new ways that companies are using the device to deliver video to end users. While mSpot has launched a new video app for movie rentals on the tablet, Bell Canada has opened up a new video site as part of its customer portal.

Mobile audio and video startup mSpot introduced a new iPad app today that will allow users to rent and stream full-length movies on the Apple (s AAPL) tablet device. The service includes new feature films and a variety of catalog content priced at $2.99 and $3.99, depending on the title.

The mSpot service acts essentially as a direct competitor to Apple’s own iTunes video store. The main difference is that, while iTunes rentals are downloaded to the tablet before playing, the mSpot rental service streams videos on both WiFi and 3G networks. That could soon change, however, as there are indications that Apple could soon move to a streaming model for iTunes, with the launch of its upcoming Apple TV set-top box. But it’s not clear if streaming services would also be available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad mobile devices, and there’s still some debate over which is better: streaming or downloads.

While mSpot is going to market with a new iPad app, news and entertainment video from Bell Canada’s website can now be accessed through the iPad’s Safari web browser. Using Brightcove’s HTML5 video solution, including auto device detection, the website is displayed in an iPad-, iPhone- or iPad Touch-compatible HTML5 format with H.264 video encoding. In addition to, Bell Canada’s other Internet media properties, including,,, and, are also now iPad-compatible, using the Brightcove solution.

Bell Canada’s foray onto the iPad comes as other cable providers seek to make their content available on the iPad or roll out interactive services on the tablet. Comcast (s CMCSA), for instance, recently demoed an iPad app that will integrate remote control and social features onto the device.

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