Consumer Reports: The Onus Should Be On Apple To Supply The Duct Tape

Consumer Reports has come out with another harsh criticism of Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) for the second day in a row, saying it should be their responsibility to fix the reception issues on the iPhone 4, and not the consumers’ job to find a work-around. Yesterday, the publication recommended iPhone 4 owners stick duct tape on the phone to reduce dropped calls. “We think it’s the company’s responsibility to provide the fix — at no extra cost to consumers,” the publication wrote in a blog post.

Consumer Reports said for these reasons it cannot recommend the phone, even though it sounds like it would like to. “Aside from these reception glitches, our other tests placed the iPhone 4 atop the latest Ratings of smart phones.”

It has also called on Apple to do something about the problem — at least, beyond what it has already pledged to do. The company has both suggested holding the phone differently or purchasing a case to solve the problem. It also said it will release a software patch that has been causing the number of bars a person is seeing on the screen to be artificially high. Consumer Reports is doubtful how that will fix things.

A refund is available for the those who have bought the phone in the past 30 days.