The Secret to Old Spice Guy’s Viral Success

Kevin Rose, Alyssa Milano, George Stephanopoulos, 4chan and Demi Moore are only some of the people that have received a personalized video from the Old Spice Guy, whose viral campaign has been a runaway hit online ever since it started early yesterday. But how is the team behind the campaign producing all these videos in near real time?


Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote a great story about the inner workings of the campaign for ReadWriteWeb, explaining how it’s a team effort of writers and social media wizards who keep scouring the web for new tweets and comments. Kirkpatrick, who previously consulted for Wieden + Kennedy, the agency behind the campaign,  got some good quotes from Iain Tait, the agency’s global interactive creative director, but this one seems to sum it up the best:

“Those people are having more fun than I’ve ever seen anyone have in a shoot like this. That’s part of why it’s doing so well. It’s genuinely infectious.”

Amen to that. And maybe this is the real key to the Old Spice Guy’s success. Countless agencies try really hard to make video go viral. But if you look at the original viral videos from David after Dentist to Evolution of Dance, then you’ll find that those videos are first and foremost about people having fun, and not about trying hard. And yes, the Old Spice Guy would probably be the first one to say that he doesn’t have to try hard at all…