Yahoo Trademarks Sportstream, Plans for Live Sports?

Yahoo applied for a trademark for the term Sportstream this week, which GoRumors writer Anand Srinivasan speculates could become something like a “YouTube (s GOOG) for sports.”

That’s an interesting rumor, but the trademark application itself is rather vague on any details, defining¬† Sportstream this way:

“Entertainment services, namely, the provision of continuing video segments featuring sports and sports commentary.”

Continuing video segments sounds a little more like live sports that just a YouTube-like archive of clips, if you ask me. Expanding its online offerings with live sports streams isn’t too much or a reach for Yahoo either, which has consistently seen huge audiences flock to its sports sites.

Yahoo! Sports was the most popular site during the 2010 Winter Olympics, beating even NBC despite the fact that broadcaster transmitted many of the competitions live online. The site also saw huge traffic numbers during the World Cup, attracting close to 8 million unique visitors from June 7 through June 13 alone.

However, Yahoo has a mixed track record with launching new projects. The company tried to enter the live streaming space with a service dubbed Yahoo! Live in early 2008, but closed the offering less than a year later.

We asked Yahoo for comment on the application, but haven’t heard back yet.

What do you guys think? Could Sportstream be Yahoo’s attempt to enter the live sports market? Or is the company planing something else? Feel free to speculate in the comments.

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