Cool Tool: Topsy Finds Most Influential Tweeters on Any Topic

Want to find the most influential and relevant Twitter users on the topic of baking? iPhone apps? The oil spill? Twitter search startup Topsy has built a neat way to sort Twitter users in order to reveal those experts who tweet actively and influentially on any given topic. If you’re trying to research a new area, market a product, or just find good people to follow, this could be super useful. What I especially like is that it tends to bring up both individuals as well as companies and organizations.

Topsy, which is backed to the tune of $15 million by BlueRun Ventures, Ignition Partners and the Founders Fund, has yet to find its breakout product, but I use it often to do things like trace where links have been tweeted.

Other companies that measure influence on Twitter include Klout and TunkRank, but they are oriented around rating specific Twitter accounts rather finding new ones. Bill Gross’ TweetUp (which is a customer of Klout) is trying to create a marketplace for Twitter where users can bid to advertise their accounts adjacent to discussion of relevant topics around the web. And Twitter itself is more prominently including account names in search results, and is reportedly working on a product where users could pay to advertise their accounts.

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