Old Spice Social Media Blitz: 5.9M Views in One Day

Hey, you. Yeah, you, Old Spice. Guess what? You win.

According to Visible Measures, the Wieden + Kennedy-powered social media blitz featuring actor and former football player Isaiah Mustafa posted over 180 video responses to comments on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube (s GOOG) and elsewhere, accumulating a total of 5.9 million views and 22,500 comments in the campaign’s 24-hour time span.

This means that in one day, Wieden + Kennedy came close to matching the views on the previously released Old Spice viral ad (in which he is on a bike), which came out on June 29. The original ad, posted on February 4, is currently at 13.3 million views.


However, while Old Spice wins, in the long run it’s not hard to be a little concerned about what effect this will have on other social media campaigns, which might feel the pressure to compete — and fail. Probably the only people to not find W+K’s campaign delightful, in fact, were competing marketing companies who know that similar efforts will be demanded of them. But is this reply-blitz concept replicable — either by W+K or another company?

Personally, I don’t think so, at least for a non-Old Spice brand: Mustafa’s charm, W+K’s endless creativity and the amount of positive buzz that the campaign had prior to the blitz’s launch seem like essential — and non-replicable — elements.

But what do you think? The comments are an awesome place to share your thoughts.

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