Graffiti Released for Nostalgic Ex-Palm Pilot Owners

Were you one of those Palm (s palm) Pilot users who could scribble lots of text using the Graffiti input method with that little stylus? You had to learn how to write each letter just so, but once you put time into learning the system you could scratch with the best of them. The old Palm Pilots are long gone, but Access has released the Graffiti system for the Android platform for the nostalgic.

The system turns the bottom of the screen into the old Graffiti pad, and letters are entered using the same character strokes as on the old Pilots, but with the fingertip instead of a stylus. You’ll have to learn to write all over again, though old Palm Pilot Graffiti fiends may find writing this way is like riding a bicycle. Maybe not, but it’s free in the Android Market so it won’t cost anything to find out.

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