Sync Browser Bookmarks, History, and Open Tabs to Your iPhone with Firefox Home

If you’re like me and still using Firefox, It’s now possible to sync your browser data to your iPhone or iPod touch with the new, free Firefox Home app (iTunes link),

There was some uncertainty as to whether Apple (s aapl) would okay this app, but I’m guessing that it was approved because it doesn’t change the bookmarks in the iPhone’s Safari browser. Instead, one uses it by opening the Home app, and scanning or searching for tabs and bookmarks, which, when selected, open in Safari. Firefox Home doesn’t track or sync your browsing history on the iPhone. The new Xmarks iPhone app (iTunes link), which I haven’t tried yet, looks to be set up the same way.

To set up the Firefox Home app, you’ll need to create a Firefox Sync account if you don’t already have one, and install the Firefox Sync add-on to your desktop browser. Synced data can be saved on Mozilla’s servers, or you can set up your own server if you want more security.

The app’s design is simple and attractive, and does what it’s supposed to do. I found that the initial sync from my desktop machine took a while, but that’s to be expected, according to the app’s website.

Firefox Home doesn’t yet save or sync passwords, although Firefox Sync does, so I assume that this function will be added to a future release. Meanwhile, you can sync passwords to iPhone using such programs as 1Password and LastPass.

How do you sync browser information to your phone?

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