Newlyweds Ask Dan And Jennifer Rack Up the Views With Sex Advice

The topics of dating, sex and romance have a universal appeal, and so there are plenty of places online to get consults on burning issues (especially when that burning needs medical attention). Ask Dan and Jennifer is one of those sources, with almost 500 videos released over the last three and a half years tackling topics ranging from how to reject the advances of a friend to how to introduce your partner to bondage. (The former, which is much more safe for work, is the one embedded below.)


The pair behind the show, Dan and Jennifer Baritchi, take a standard interactive vlog approach to answering audience-submitted questions. A lot of their relationship advice boils down to the classics — don’t rush into anything and communicate with your partner — but because of the questions being asked, they often have opportunity to get very specific in their subject matter.

And they don’t appear to be shy about anything — take, for example, their recent videos (plural) on female ejaculation. But their approach is straightforward, friendly and non-judgemental, which annoys the haters but leads to an enjoyable viewing experience.

When it comes to production value, the Baritchis have come a long way since their early days, as seen below in their first-ever posted video:


Today’s videos feature clean graphics and great sound. What’s impressive about their execution is that each episode is one take with no editing, meaning that the Baritchis are responding to these queries in one go (and pretty concisely — episodes rarely exceed three minutes). As hosts, they’re a little rambling but their energy is great, their chemistry comfortable and friendly as they go back and forth on the subject matter.

Their efforts have resulted in 41 million views on YouTube (s GOOG), three books and two spin-off series: one on personal development, one on making a profit on blogging and web video. The latter show benefits from their personal experiences working with sponsors for Ask Dan and Jennifer, including a high-profile one with adult novelty supplier When asked about how they’ve attracted sponsors in the past, Dan said via email:

All of our sponsors to date have approached us directly, and frankly that works well for us. We’re always open to win/win opportunities, but we’ve found that when you produce great content consistently and build a viewer base, part of that viewer base is going to be people who become sponsors. So we don’t spend time going out and trying to find sponsors: we focus on producing the best content we possibly can and helping the most people we possibly can — and that inevitably leads to sponsors.

Oh, and after being together for nearly eight years, the pair finally got married on May 20. Like Dan and Jennifer’s actual relationship (which they rarely bring into their public life online), the wedding was a private affair, though they did post the marriage certificate on Twitter. According to Dan, “We just believe the show is not ‘about’ us. It’s about our viewers and our readers and helping them.”

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