Kantar Video Tracks Analytics With Anvato Technology

WPP subsidiary Kantar Video announced a partnership with the video fingerprinting provider Avanto today that will enable it to track videos that appear anywhere on the web. By teaming up with Anvato, Kantar Video is offering video syndication, content identification and tracking through its Videolytics product portfolio, so that its clients can measure the full reach and user engagement of their content, even if it appears on sites that aren’t syndication or distribution partners

Due to the recent explosion in online video viewing, publishers are increasingly interested in putting their content online and marketers are looking more and more to tap that audience. But syndicating and tracking videos and advertising in this increasingly fragmented market is a chore due to the large number of video players and platforms that are currently available. Furthermore, videos can be ripped from their original player and distributed through third parties, which we recently saw when Gawker.TV re-edited and re-posted an Improv Everywhere video in its own player.

Anvato’s fingerprinting technology, which uses audio and visual pattern recognition, is often used for copyright infringement protection. But in the case of its partnership with Kantar Video, the technology will be used for content identification to track videos even if they’re not distributed through controlled syndicated players.

Kantar Video is a division within global marketing firm WPP that was formed to focus on content and advertising analytics for online video. The division was launched in early May and is currently in a private beta period, with plans to launch a public beta of its services later this fall.

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