Moving to Mac: Use Thunderbird to Switch from Outlook to Mail

If you read Scott’s recent Moving to Mac series of posts, you’ll know that transitioning to Mac (s aapl) from Windows (s msft) is not as tricky as some might fear. However, there is one area that can cause a lot of pain, and that’s moving email between Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail, as there’s no way to directly import Outlook mailboxes into Mail. The How-to Geek has written a useful guide on making the transition using a Mozilla Thunderbird mailbox as an intermediate step. The process is straightforward, and the guide includes plenty of screenshots illustrating each step of the way.

Of course, before deciding to plump for Mail as your email program of choice on your shiny new Mac just because it came with the OS, you might like to give Mozilla’s client a whirl for a little while first. Thunderbird is actually a very good client.

Share your moving to Mac tips below.

(Via Lifehacker)

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