Today in Cleantech

Want to know a surefire way of killing your smartphone’s battery life? Load it up with bloatware! That’s what handset makers HTC and Motorola stand accused of doing on some of their Android handsets. It’s a problem that plagued PC makers for years, causing buyers to complain about degraded performance (the industry has improved somewhat). Most PCs, however, are plugged into a power socket.  Mobiles, on the other hand, spend a big chunk of their time completely untethered, relying on their batteries to keep their owners connected throughout the day.  These are not the kind of devices that need non-essential, pre-installed apps and widgets sucking their batteries dry.  Worse, Android may become known as the bloatware-friendly mobile OS, and I’m not so sure that’s how I’d want to be perceived while facing stiff competition from the likes of Apple’s iPhone and its iOS ecosystem.