Daily Sprout

BP’s Hayward Done and Dusted: AFP via Grist is reporting: “BP chief executive Tony Hayward is expected to quit imminently with a payoff of up to $18.5 million despite being lambasted over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, British media reported Monday.”

Path to Shale Gas Needs Caution: Tyler Hamilton looks at why we need to proceed cautiously before a full-on embrace of shale gas: unintended methane release.

Home Plug-In Charger via Coulomb: Electric vehicle charging company Coulomb Technologies unveiled its home charger the CT500 Level II ChargePoint.

Nanogram Bought By Someone for Some Price: This has got to be the most cryptic report from PEHub, which says that Nanogram, a company that, among other things, combines nanotech and solar tech, has been bought by an undisclosed company for an undisclosed price. Reportedly the deal “was revealed in an SEC filing by former parent company NeoPhotonics, which is in registration for an IPO.” Nanogram raised $50 million from a long list of VCs, including ATA Ventures, Bay Partners, Harris & Harris, Institutional Venture Partners, Nth Power, Rockport Capital Partners, SBV Venture Partners, Technology Partners, Global Cleantech Capital, Masdar Clean Tech Fund, Mitsui Ventures, Nagase & Co., Nanostart AG, TEL Venture Capital and Yasuda Enterprise Development.

Energy Return on Corn Ethanol: The Oil Drum posts this paper on the energy return of corn ethanol. Basically a bunch of the reports that have said we should pursue corn ethanol because its energy return is worth it have “used optimal values for corn ethanol inputs and outputs and as such has underestimated costs, overestimated bene?ts, or both.”

Image courtesy of BONGURI’s photostream.