URList: Share Lists of Links

URList is a simple but very useful service that lets you create a list of links to share via a single URL. For example, perhaps you’d like to provide your team with a list of links to give them some background information on an upcoming project, or you have a collection of inspirational blog designs that you’d like to share with your followers on Twitter. That’s where URList can help.

Just head to the URList website and enter the address of the first web page you’d like to add to your list. You’ll then be taken to a page with a unique, Twitter-friendly short URL (e.g. http://urli.st/PF5). You can use this link to share your list with others. Plus, you can add as many links as you like to your list, and you can also give it a title.

Where I think URList gets really interesting, though, is that you can elect to let others add to your lists. This ability makes URList into a very useful tool for teams. They could use it to create a collaborative “live” list of links for reference, training or research, among other options. Lists can be added to over time.

URList is a free app. In order to open up your lists to others, you have to be signed in using either Google (s goog) or Twitter credentials, but the basic service can be used without signing in.

What tools do you use for shared bookmarking?

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