Verizon Taps Clearleap for Cloud-based VOD Content Delivery

Verizon (s VZ) is looking to the cloud for help delivering hyper-local video-on-demand content through a partnership with Clearleap. A deal announced today will blend Clearleap’s cloud-based transcoding and content management technology with Verizon’s architecture, streamlining the workflow for partners that want to deliver their online video as part of Verizon’s local FiOS 1 VOD offering.

Verizon has rolled out the Clearleap technology to allow partners to deliver web-based video such as news, sports, traffic and weather to its VOD system, which Verizon will then use to process and redistribute to local markets. Some professional sports teams are using the technology to deliver their VOD technology directly to FiOS subscribers, including the New England Patriots, who have made VOD content available in certain markets through Verizon’s FiOS1 Local Zone.

Clearleap CEO Braxton Jarratt said Verizon is using the Clearleap system now rather than using traditional methods for manually processing VOD content. With Clearleap, Verizon is able to give each content partner its own login to manage its programming, which is transcoded and managed in the cloud before being delivered to local VOD systems. That saves Verizon the time and effort involved in processing the content — whether it comes from tapes or hard drives — locally, enabling the telco to add more content more quickly than it would have been able to do otherwise.

For now, the Clearleap system is being used for cloud-based management of MPEG-2 VOD delivery, but could also be used in the future for delivery of the same content in IP form to mobile devices and advanced set-top boxes. Clearleap has partnered with Roku, for instance, which could enable pay TV providers to make online video content available through Roku’s broadband set-top box. But Clearleap is also looking to add similar functionality on other over-the-top video devices.

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