Three Of Sprint’s Prepaid Execs Exit; Schulman Hired By American Express

A year after Sprint (NYSE: S) paid $480 million to buy Virgin Mobile USA, the carrier is seeing a trio of executive departures. Dan Schulman, Sprint’s president of prepaid, announced last week that he was leaving to join American Express as group president of enterprise growth. We have also learned that Peter Lurie, general counsel, and David Messenger, chief administrative and corporate development officer, are also leaving in the next few months, a spokeswoman said.

Schulman will be leaving the company effective Aug. 23, and both Messenger and Lurie are expected to stay on board until after September.

In the past year, Sprint has rolled out a number of new prepaid brands targeting different demographics. In addition to both the Boost and Virgin brands, it has launched Common Cents Mobile and Assurance Wireless. Sprint’s prepaid business has been one of the only growth stories the carrier has had.

The spokeswoman confirmed that Sprint’s prepaid CFO John Feehan will be staying on to help the entire go-to-market team that runs sales, marketing, advertising, branding and customer care. In addition, Sprint’s president of the consumer organization, Robert H. (Bob) Johnson, will working on Sprint’s prepaid strategy.

At American Express, Schulman will be a member of the firm