Joshua Jackson’s “Pacey-Con” Just a Funny Or Die Stunt

Celebrity-infused comedy site Funny or Die seems to be moving away from scripted content in favor of reality stunts these days. And not just reality stunts, but reality stunts invoking 90s nostalgia. First it put Jewel in a fake nose and planted her in a karaoke bar….

And now we have Joshua Jackson, who’s been setting the hearts of young ladies afire since The Mighty Ducks trilogy, descending on Comic-Con to host his own side event: Pacey-Con, a convention meant to celebrate all things Pacey Witter (his character on the teen soap phenomenon Dawson’s Creek).

Photos from Pacey-Con had leaked thanks to the Livejournal community Oh No They Didn’t, including the fact that Jackson was selling “fan fiction” he’d written for $10 a pop. And if I’m to be honest, the whole thing seemed a lot funnier when it was just Joshua Jackson doing it on his own, as opposed to an orchestrated FOD event.

But the above video includes some choice moments, including Jackson’s casual dismissal of his current hit series on Fox, Fringe, as being a way to fund his fan fiction habit. Also, the security guards at Comic-Con (which never pass up an opportunity to yell at a dude) are in fine form.

End result — I somehow missed Pacey-Con while I was there this weekend, but I am glad there’s video documentation of it taking place.

UPDATE: Wondering who approached who to work on this project? Well, according to a Funny or Die representative via email, “Josh wanted to work with us, and he was open to playing off Dawson’s Creek if we found the right angle. We did some brainstorming, and away we went.”

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