News Corp.’s IGN Launches A Gamer-Focused Social Network

IGN, the News Corp.-owned video game site, is launching a gamer-focused social network called My IGN. On the social network, which launched in beta today, users can “follow” games in order to see the latest news about them in a Facebook-like news feed. They can also communicate with other My IGN members, rate games they own and earn points.

An IGN representative tells us that eventually members will also be able to post their own game reviews, articles and blog posts. “The goal is to not have a walled garden where only IGN editors are providing content, but where these users can be an active participant driving the conversation,” he says.

IGN says in a briefing note provided to reporters that it’s launching the social network “because gamers are not currently served by general purpose social networks.” In a statement provided to us, SVP Peer Schneider adds that the social network “builds on the foundation that the giants of the social web have already developed.” There are, of course, several existing gamer-focused social networks, notably including GamerDNA, which was purchased by Crispy Gamer in December, and Raptr.