Anxiety: A Lightweight Mac Task Manager

Looking for a simple task management app for your Mac (s aapl), and find the likes of Things and OmniFocus too complex? Check out Anxiety. It’s a lightweight to-do list app that can integrate with iCal and Mail. Unlike many of the more full-featured task managers, it’s relatively unobtrusive, taking up a tiny amount of screen real estate. The interface to check (and check off) your tasks is always easily accessible via a menubar button, but disappears when not required.

Anxiety presents your tasks as a simple to-do list in a small semi-transparent window that can hover over the other apps open on your desktop. It’s integrated with Apple’s other applications that posses to-do functionality; double-clicking a list item reveals the task in iCal or Mail for extended editing. Simple shortcuts allow you to see your full list externally.

It’s highly customizable, so you can tailor its appearance and functionality to match your own preferences and workflow, including toggling the application dock item and menubar item, enabling list sorting and setting the list window to disappear when inactive.

Personally, I will stick with Google Tasks (s goog) for my simple task management needs, because I like being able to access my tasks from anywhere and I use Gmail and Google Calendar through my browser instead of Apple’s apps. But if you use iCal and Mail and want a very lightweight, simple to-do list manager that’s tightly integrated with them, Anxiety is worth checking out (despite its somewhat strange name).

Anxiety is a free download (donations appreciated). It requires Mac OS X Leopard 10.5+.

What task management app do you use?

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