Google’s Quarterly Acquisition Tab: $148 Million For 11 Startups

Just how much is Google (NSDQ: GOOG) paying on its acquisition spree? The company isn’t disclosing how much it paid for most of the individual startups it has acquired, but its quarterly filing with the SEC once again provides an update on the total bill. The company says it spent $148 million in cash to purchase 11 companies during the quarter, up slightly from the $145 million in cash it spent to purchase nine companies during the first quarter of the year.

Those totals don’t include the $681 million Google ended up paying in May to purchase AdMob or the $123 million it paid earlier this year to buy On2 Technologies. Add those in and the tab comes out to about $1.1 billion this year to date — and will rise to $1.8 billion if regulators approve Google’s $700 million acquisition of ITA Software.

All big numbers, until you consider Google’s overall cash position. The company reported $30.1 billion in cash and cash equivalents at the end of June, up from $24.5 billion at the end of last year — despite those outlays.

One other highlight from the filing: The company says its content acquisition costs increased $32 million “primarily related to content displayed on YouTube.” That might provide a sense of how much some of Google’s deals to bring more premium content to the video site are costing; over the last year, the company has announced agreements to bring clips from Disney (NYSE: DIS) and Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), as well as longer-form content from the WWE and Univision, to the site.