Video: Red vs. Blue at Comic-Con 2010

The glorious thing about the San Diego Comic-Con, the thing that makes the crowds and the madness worth it, is the opportunity it provides to meet new people. This year, I was thrilled to get some face time with Red vs. Blue creators Geoff Ramsey and Gustavo Sorola, who were attending for their seventh straight year, manning a booth stocked with DVDs and merchandise for their ground-breaking machinima comedy series.

In the below video, Ramsey and Sorola explain the value of attending each year, show off their ability to “relate to the fans” and discuss how web content doesn’t quite fit in at the convention yet. (Note: It had been a long day for all of us, which is why they might seem a little punchy and my camerawork is below par.)


Red vs. Blue also had a heavily-attended Comic-Con panel on Thursday to promote the newest incarnation of the series, Red vs. Blue: Revelation, which was so popular on launch day that their website crashed.

“They are certainly popular. And they absolutely deserve it. They’ve put in the time, built the community and consistently expanded both the scope and quality of their work,” Eric Mortensen of, which currently hosts RvB, wrote via email.

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