Prop 8 Ruling Is Scribd’s Most Viral Doc Ever

Scribd just emailed us to let us know that today’s California Proposition 8 ruling, which was delivered at about 1:45 p.m. PT today, is the most viral document in the history of the site. After federal judge Vaughn Walker overturned California’s same-sex marriage ban, a Scribd user who goes by the name goodasyou uploaded a PDF of the ruling to the site. The document is currently receiving more than 1,000 reads per second, with nearly 150,000 total reads an hour after the ruling. Scribd is fighting to keep its servers up. Update 3:20 p.m.: It’s now receiving as many as 6,000 reads per second.

“A typical viral document gets 100,000 reads in 24 hours, this document has over 100,000 reads in about 24 minutes,” said Scribd CEO Trip Adler. Scribd recently improved its Facebook and Twitter integration, which (along with the historic nature of the document) is speeding its spread across the web.

Prop 8 Ruling FINAL