YuMe Rolls Out Support for HTML5 Video Ads

Video ad startup YuMe is rolling out support for HTML5 video ads, allowing video publishers to monetize videos that they serve on the iPad, iPhone and other devices that don’t support Flash. By installing a free plugin into their HTML5 video players, they will be able to automatically serve up ads ready for whatever browser or device the video is being played on.

Beginning tomorrow, publishers will be able to download the HTML5 plugin at http://www.yume.com/publishers. Once integrated into an HTML5 player, the publisher can submit its inventory to be part of YuMe’s ad network. The company has also worked to get its HTML5 support embedded in online video platforms, like Brightcove, that offer YuMe as a monetization option and also support distribution to HTML5 video players.

“Content owners and distributors will want to distribute to all of the available devices that are out there,” Yume president and co-founder Jayant Kadambi said in a phone interview. The startup’s support for HTML5 now allows YuMe publisher partners to use the same ad management platform and ad network to serve into their HTML5 players, rather than needing to use another ad solution focused on the new web standard.

Advertisers that use YuMe’s ad network will be able to have their ads sent to supported HTML5 video players automatically. Once they’ve submitted an ad unit they wish to deliver, YuMe will transcode it for all supported playback scenarios, whether it be in a Flash player or an HTML5 player viewed through the iPad’s Safari browser.

Currently the HTML5 video ad solution is positioned to serve up pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads, but Kadambi said that there should be no technological barrier to serving up any standard ad unit or non-standard unit in the future. YuMe’s HTML5 support also extends all the same targeting and reporting for HTML5 video ads that are available for ads served in an Adobe (s ADBE) Flash player.

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