Cablevision Might Bring Its Set-Top Box Guide To Other Devices

Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) has been trialing a new service for several months now that lets digital cable and broadband subscribers see content on their computers on their TVs with minimal effort. During the company’s earnings call Thursday, executives wouldn’t say much more about that, only that “[they] find that it works.” But executives did talk about other initiatives in the works to link the TV to other devices in the home.

CEO Jim Dolan COO Tom Rutledge, for instance, said that the company was “experimenting with our set top box guide being on devices like an iPad or iPhone or PC” — which he said would make it easier for subscribers to sift through the “huge inventory” of movies on demand it has available. That sounds similar to the Xfinity Remote Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) showed off in May.

Rutledge also talked more generally about the company’s approach to “TV Everywhere”-like initiatives. “Our vision is that we will provide our full service — everything we offer in the home on any device that can display TV or that can act as a TV in the home,” he said. He specifically noted the iPad as an example of a device that in a “Cablevision house” would be able to access both broadcast TV and video on demand.

Some other highlights from the call:

Retrans dispute Executives said they hope not to repeat the retransmission dispute they had with Disney (NYSE: DIS) on the eve of the Academy Awards when a similar deal with Fox expires in October. “We’ve negotiated with Fox for years successfully,” Rutledge said. (They had a longer standoff with Scripps Networks (NYSE: SNI) earlier this year over Food and HGTV.)

Rainbow spinoff? Don’t expect a spinoff or sale of the company’s Rainbow Media holdings to come now that the company has spun off its Madison Square Garden business. EVP Gregg Seibert said the company “very much likes the free cash flow characteristics of the (Rainbow) business” and that while he couldn’t rule out “any transaction,” the company was “very comfortable” with its holdings in Rainbow.