Dan 3.0’s Launch Doubles Revision3 Site Traffic

Dan 3.0, Revision3 and YouTuber Dan Brown’s daily experiment in crowd-sourcing content ideas, has gotten off to a solid start this week. According to a Revision3 rep, Revision3.com site traffic doubled on Monday when the show launched, and as of Thursday morning over 5,000 suggestions have been made for activities Brown will try to execute over the course of the series.


The Dan 3.0 concept is that Brown’s life for the next year is at the mercy of his viewers, who submit ideas for what he should do with his time on both a short-term and long-term basis. The suggestions are managed by a “decision engine” that allows fans to both make suggestions and rank ideas submitted by others, thus creating a Digg-style hierarchy to bring the most popular ideas forward. The show, therefore, is “limited only by the imagination of the community behind it,” as Brown said at VidCon last month when announcing the project.

The latest episode includes a breakdown of Brown’s production process — which was something I was curious about, given the demands of daily production on top of whatever antics he’s meant to be getting up to on a regular basis.


Brown’s YouTube channel — cemented by his highly viral Rubix Cube series — includes over 250,000 subscribers and almost 58 million total upload views.

The episodes are syndicated out to Brown’s pre-established YouTube channel as well as hosted on Rev3, and while stats on the video performance on Revision3 are not available, each video has scored viewing numbers in the five-figure range since launching.

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