Sonic Ready to Take Blockbuster, Best Buy Videos Mobile

Sonic Solutions (s SNIC) added a new feature to its white-label RoxioNow digital video platform, which will allow companies like Blockbuster (s BBI) and Best Buy (s BBY) to sell and deliver videos to a wide range of mobile devices. By teaming up with Widevine for its digital rights management (DRM) and adaptive streaming technology, RoxioNow will now be able to deliver videos to iPhone (s AAPL), iPad, Android (s GOOG) and Blackberry (s RIMM) devices.

RoxioNow powers the digital storefront for a number of retailers, including Best Buy, Blockbuster and Sears (s SHLD). The addition of mobile devices will give those companies even more outlets through which to sell and rent digital videos. RoxioNow is already available through a number of consumer electronics (CE) devices, including LG Blu-ray players and TiVo (s TIVO) DVRs, and will soon have its technology embedded on TVs and Blu-ray players from Best Buy’s Insignia brand, as well as Boxee’s upcoming broadband set-top box.

The ability to stream to multiple mobile platforms also pushes forward Sonic’s plans to enable “buy once, watch anywhere” capabilities for videos that are served through its RoxioNow platform. Giving consumers the chance to pay for a piece of content on one platform and watch it on any number of devices is seen as something of a holy grail for digital video.

Sonic and Widevine have been working to enable the option as part of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), which recently unveiled its Ultraviolet DRM framework and its plan to create a digital storage locker that would keep track of a user’s digital content and the device upon which he’d be able to watch it.

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