Netflix Could Pay $1B for Epix Content

Maybe they both like that their brand names end in -ix? According to the Los Angeles Times, Netflix (s NFLX) and the premium cable channel Epix are negotiating a potential deal that would give Netflix “exclusive online rights” to films by Epix equity partners Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and MGM.

The LA Times, in analyzing the deal, compared Netflix to HBO as a potential competitor, and said that the licensing fees Netflix is expected to play could be as much as $1 billion. However, there are still “outstanding issues” to be resolved before the deal can go through. Epix declined to comment on this story, while Netflix responded:

Netflix has about 80 people in its Beverly Hills office who show up to work every day to acquire content for the Netflix service. We regularly meet with studios, networks, filmmakers and others for this purpose. However, we do not comment on any specific negotiations that may or may not be underway.

Epix currently reaches 30 million homes thanks to a nationwide deal with Dish Network, and includes an online catalog that, ironically, we compared to Netflix’s when it launched last year. Its content is also served out by Verizon.

The Epix deal sounds similar to Netflix’s deal with Starz, which has given the site a steady influx of recent film releases, meaning that Isla Fisher fans never have to work too hard to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic.

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