TheAppleBlog: A New Unified Experience

Nearly nine months ago, GigaOM began a network-wide redesign of all our sites. TheAppleBlog’s overhaul was launched in late March of this year.

More recently, we released the GigaOM iPhone App, which aggregates all the major content from our network, and what we found was that users are spending huge amounts of time reading content…much, more time than on our separate websites. Om touches on this more:

Little did we know how that app would change everything. It brought home a series of lessons about how people view and interact with our content. One of the biggest lessons of the iPhone app was the extremely high amount of time users spent per session, thanks to us unifying the content from all our sister sites into a single stream. It made us realize one basic fact: the readers appreciated the diversity, depth and deftness of our content, regardless of which network blog it came from. On an average, those who use our iPhone app spend over 15 minutes per session, with a couple of sessions daily. And that is with all the notifications turned off.

So, this evening we’re launching another redesign of all the network sites to bring them under one unified “GigaOM” experience. From a pure design perspective, it’s not a major visual change, but the navigation across all of the sites is a pretty significant change. This change will surface content from the entire network much more efficiently, and ideally, introduce you to new content that you otherwise may have missed.

TheAppleBlog’s content will not change. We’ll continue to bring you the same news, walkthroughs and real-life application that you enjoy. The places where you consume our content won’t change either. As a reminder, here are all the ways, in addition to the site, that you can find us:

We hope you dig the new changes! Let us know what you think below in the comments.