What to Watch Today: Justin Bieber Love Me, Tears For Fears, Little League World Series

Little League World Series 2010; the start of the Little League World Series is only days away. Who is going to compete? Watch the regional semifinals to find out. (ESPN3, starting at 9am)

Cranky Geeks With John C. Dvorak; which Sesame Street character does John remind us of again? We really can’t decide… (Justin.tv, 1pm)

Stripped Down Live With Curt Smith; the Tears For Fears co-founder meets up with fellow musicians every week to talk about their art and the state of the music biz. (Ustream 8pm)

Justin Bieber: Love Me; do as he demands, or hate him, but you gotta give it to Bieber — he is rocking YouTube like no one else. His newest music video just got published on the site, and it’s already racking up views. Will it once again become one of the most popular YouTube videos ever? (YouTube)