Every Social Network Needs a Trailer (But Twitter’s is the Best)

The trailer for “The Social Network” (aka The Facebook Movie) plays up the drama behind the founding of Facebook while a Belgian women’s choir sings a haunting version of Radiohead’s “Creep.” Apologies to Justin Timberlake, but the best thing this movie has going for it is that all 500 million of us members feel like Hollywood is paying attention to our little corner of the universe. For tech junkies, that feeling is all the more accentuated — even if Aaron Sorkin’s version of Ben Mezrich’s version of Mark Zuckerberg is nearly fictional.

The Facebook Movie trailer wasn’t half bad, and the creepy choir, web site overlays and voice overs depicting young men’s ruthless ambition are distinctive easy enough to mimic to make it a meme. That meme is already being well-mined. Today, the best parody so far came out: from Next New Networks’ Indy Mogul we have the trailer to an imagined Twitter movie:

Choice quote: “If Twitter was as boring and useless as they say, then someone would have tweeted it.”

Last week was the trailer for the YouTube movie:

Choice quote: Chad Hurley threatens keyboard cat: “You were nothing before me. I made you!”

Before that, the MySpace trailer:

Choice quote: Tom Anderson on competition with Facebook: “You think I’m not looking over my shoulder? I’m always looking over my f***ing shoulder.”

While we’re at it, the LOLcats trailer:

Choice quote: “I’m talking about taking every middle-aged cat lady’s craziest fantasies and putting them online.”

And here’s the real “The Social Network” trailer:

Who’s next — Foursquare?

P.S. Here’s my take on the script for “The Social Network,” which is (sadly) the only one of these that’s actually hitting theaters any time soon.