Quick Tip: Eject a CD/DVD via the Menu Bar

Apple (s aapl) has a long history of using slot-loading disc drives rather than the tray-loading drives used widely across the rest of the industry. If you want to eject the disc, there are currently two ways of doing this in OS X that most users know of, but there’s actually a hidden app that you may not know about.

You can eject from the sidebar in Finder, or from the desktop (dragging to the trash). However, there’s also a third way: a menu bar item. Apple doesn’t show this item by default in Snow Leopard, which led me to try and find a way to enable it. It’s actually fairly easy:

  1. Open a Finder window and go to /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras.
  2. Double click on Eject.menu and it should appear instantly in your menu bar.

You can move the menu bar item by holding down the Command key and dragging it around. You can also get rid of it by dragging it off the menu bar, where it’ll vanish in a puff of smoke, just like you’d drag an item off the Dock.