Twitter Goes Mobile on the Weekend

SocialFlow, a New York-based social media marketing startup backed by Betaworks recently studied one of its clients with more than 500,000 Twitter followers and came up with some unique lessons. The company looked at clicks on the client account’s links for two months to see trends in the way people use Twitter and the content they find on it.

One of the biggest lessons: Twitter usage jumps pretty sharply on mobile devices versus desktops on the weekend.

According to SocialFlow’s analysis, on Saturdays nearly 41 percent of all clicks came from mobile devices. In addition, folks who were checking tweets from mobiles are also “also reading long-form content that appears (in link form) in their Twitter timelines,” SocialFlow notes on Betaworks’ blog.

* Mobile usage is really important – at the peak (at 8 p.m. on Saturdays), an average of 41% of all clicks came from mobile devices.
* Weekends generally have a higher percentage than weekdays. (It’s good to know you’re not just shifting from following Twitter on your office PC to following Twitter on your home PC. You’re using Twitter on your phone!)
* Friday night looks more like a weekend, and Sunday night looks more like a weeknight. (Your mother will be happy to know you’re staying home on Sunday nights.)
* People are less likely to click from their mobile devices in the middle of the day and wee hours of the morning than during morning rush hour or at night

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