Dell Streak Exposed — Teardown by ifixit

The Dell (s dell) Streak is either a phone on growth hormones or a gadget that wants to be a tablet when it grows up. The 5-inch Android (s goog) tablet is also a full phone on the AT&T (s t) network in the U.S., and it packs a lot of components in a very small package. The folks at ifixit have a strange fetish for taking gadgets apart, and they’ve bared the Streak to show us what’s inside the little slate.

The teardown of the Streak pointed out an important fact about the device — it’s easy to take apart compared to other devices. This makes the Streak relatively easy to open for repair work, which is always a good thing. It also has steel inside the case, providing durability and protection against rough mobile usage.

In addition to the non-user replaceable 2 GB microSD card for system storage, the teardown detailed the major components inside the Streak:

  • Qualcomm (s qcom) QSD8250 Snapdragon processor
  • Analog Devices ADV7520 Low Power HDMI™/DVI Transmitter
  • Hynix H8BES0UU0MCR NAND-based MCP
  • Qualcomm MXU6219 RF transceiver
  • Qualcomm PM7540 power management chip
  • TriQuint Semiconductor TQS 7M5012 Power Amp (Quad-band GSM)
  • Texas Instruments (s txn) TPS 65023 integrated Power Management IC

It is amazing how much can be stuffed inside such a thin, small gadget like the Streak; it helps understand why an unsubsidized model will set you back a cool $550. The 5-inch form of the Streak may make it awfully large for a phone, but it’s a good size for a handheld tablet. The screen is bigger than that on smartphones, yet running at the same resolution as many of them (800×480) keeps things legible. Items on the display are easier to tap as a result of this size, an advantage for a device operated solely by touch. I can’t wait to get my hands on a Streak, and I suspect Dell will sell quite a few of them.

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