What We’re Reading About the Cloud: August 18

As the days of summer wane, the news is a bit light, but Intel’s (s intc) beefed-up Atom chips for storage and a positive technical review for Northscale are among the blogs we found interesting today. It’s hardly beach reading, but dive on in.

eBay Data Center Chief Dean Nelson: ‘We are Living Moore’s Law’
(From ZDNet) Nelson explains eBay’s strategy of leasing best-of-breed gear every two years, rather than buying it. It’s a different tact than the commodity-focused approaches of other web giants, but commercial transactions might make the difference.

Finally Confirmed: Membase Has a Reasonable Product Roadmap
(From DBMS2) NorthScale has received its fair share of press, but more of the isn’t-this-cool variety. A positive technical review from a database guru like Curt Monash portends good things for the NoSQL startup.

Intel Supercharges Storage Atoms
(From The Register) These tweaks appear targeted toward consumer applications, but Intel might have designs on making Atom chips for servers. Experiments within large data centers suggest there’s an appetite for this

Thousands of Workers are Standing By
(From O’Reilly Radar) CrowdFlower’s CEO sees similarities between cloud computing and “labor on demand,” and he’s absolutely right. On demand? Via the web? Pay per use? Who says servers have to do the computing?

Introducing YogaTable, the Flexible NoSQL Database
(From A Dash of Technology) YogaTable is the chronicle of one man’s attempt to build his own NoSQL database. I make no assertions as to the technical veracity of it, but the project itself suggests that we’re not necessarily set on the existing options.

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