What We’re Reading About the Cloud: August 20

Heading into the weekend we’ve got a variety of posts from someone consuming 2.7 terabytes of data — yes– terabytes on their home connection, while we get a vote of confidence in Cassandra (and Mogo DB) and Oracle (s orcl) trash talks VMware (s vmw). Have a great weekend.

Hitachi Data Systems Buys ParaScale (From The Register) Smart, smart move by HDS, getting ParaScale’s IP and engineering team for a song. HDS keeps a low profile, but ParaScale’s tech should give a pedestal from which to start touting its cloud storage story.

ISP’s Top Data Hog Gobbles 2.7TB of Data in a Month (From Ars Technica) Almost makes me think twice about never  feeling bad for ISPs. Without caps, their networks could become bogged down as we collectively consume more data. But my pity subsides quickly.

Oracle: Our Full Virtualization Stack Beats VMware (From ZDNet) It’s a bold statement, but it’s not that cut and dry. For one, Oracle lock-in makes VMware look open source. Also, VMware essentially has its own top-to-bottom stack thanks to tight Cisco and EMC alliances.

Acquia Uses Gluster Storage for Drupal Gardens SaaS Offering (From CloudAve) Not too much news here, but further proof that cloud computing plus open source is a great combo for web startups.

Apache’s Cassandra Adds Column Data Analysis (From InformationWeek) Everything about this article reinforces a result I’ve seen shaping up for a while. Cassandra gets love because of its Facebook roots, but it won’t be the first NoSQL database to make it big (that would be MongoDB).

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