Android This Week: 24 Hours With a Superphone; Top Widgets

Android (s goog) smartphones can fill many needs for owners given the capabilities enabled by the platform. A Typical Day With a Superphone walks through a day with the HTC EVO running Android 2.2, aka Froyo, and details how the phone served the functions of a phone, personal navigation device, web appliance, mobile hotspot, automobile hands-free phone kit, communication portal and e-book reader. The Android phone is certainly a superphone based on this 24-hour period.

The use of widgets on the Android home screens provide a great way to personalize the phone while adding a lot of utility. My Top 5 Android Widgets for the EVO details the most useful ones I am using. There are widgets to replace the lock screen with a customizable version, one to show the current schedule even if the phone is locked, and an attractive wallpaper for the home screen that depicts what it’s like outside. The widgets range in price from free to a mere $1.99.

Google stopped selling the Nexus One to consumers a while back, but laid in a “substantial inventory” to sell to developers working on Android apps. The development effort must be going strong as the company reported selling out this big inventory in just a couple of weeks. HTC, the maker of the Nexus One, will be supplying Google with additional inventory as soon as possible. It’s good to hear that developers are active, which explains why the number of apps in the Android Market keeps growing.

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