What We’re Reading About the Cloud

10 Things You Should Know About NoSQL Databases (From TechRepublic) This is a fair list of advantages and challenges to NoSQL. Fortunately, most of the challenges will be overcome, or addressed, at least, in due time.

ARM Virtualization Tech Adds More Fuel to Server Fire (From Ars Technica) It sounds like this might be targeted more toward mobile chips than server chips, but the path seems clear. Assuming ARM-based servers catch on, the next step will be virtualizing them.

Dell – Ready to Challenge HP and IBM for the High Ground? (From Forrester) Dell is on the forefront of everybody’s mind lately with its constant movement and ballooning server sales. Its prospects are looking very good right now.

Why Large Hadron Collider Scientists are Using CouchDB (From ReadWriteWeb) The previous link suggests that CouchDB and MongoDB seem to have more production customers. Count CERN among them, although I don’t know what this news means for its use of MongoDB.

HP Buys Stratavia for Application Automation (From Data Center Knowledge) Automation is a critical part of next-generation data centers and application environments, so Stratavia is a good buy for HP. The application and database focus complements what HP is doing. 

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