Today in Cleantech

Good news for smart meters — a Texas state judge has dismissed a class action lawsuit against Oncor accusing the utility’s new smart meters of overcharging customers, reports Smart Grid Today (subs. req’d.). District Court Judge Lorraine Raggio ruled that the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) was the proper venue for judging smart meters’ accuracy, or lack thereof — though, of course, the plaintiffs could appeal that decision. State PUC’s haven’t been the most friendly venues for utility smart meter plans lately (see Baltimore Gas & Electric), but Oncor does have an independent study verifying that the vast majority of its meters are working accurately to back it up. California utility Pacific Gas & Electric is facing a similar class-action lawsuit, and the California PUC has announced plans (pdf) to reveal a similar report on PG&E’s smart meter accuracy this Thursday. PG&E spokesman Kenny Boyles said Monday that a state judge has said he’d like to see the report before he makes further rulings on the PG&E customer lawsuit – stay tuned.