Dimdim 6.0: Enhanced Screensharing, 4-Way Video Chat

Dimdim today launches Dimdim 6.0, the latest version of its browser-based web conferencing tool. Particularly impressive in the new release are the improved screensharing capabilities — thanks to an updated myScreen plugin — and the ability to host four-way video conferences.

The enhanced screensharing tools mean a presenter can now opt to share the whole screen, a region of the screen or just a single application window. Sharing just an application window (completely ignoring everything else on the user’s screen) should be particularly useful for product demos where the presenter doesn’t want attendees to be distracted by anything else on the screen.

Here’s a video of Dimdim’s Steve Chazin showing off the latest version of the myScreen plugin:


Previously, Dimdim allowed only two cameras in video chat in paid accounts; that’s now been upped to four. The application interface allows for one large video window and three smaller ones, and the presenter can select which video feed is displayed in the largest window. Video chat can now also be run in full-screen mode. (Note: Free accounts still only have access to one camera.)

Additionally, Dimdim 6.0 has added free secure file hosting to enable presenters and attendees to share files both during and after conferences (2 Gb for paid accounts, 20 Mb for free accounts), and the ability to create polls on the fly.

The company showed me a demo of the new version of the software last week, and I have to say it looked very slick and easy to use for both presenters and attendees, although there were still a few bugs in the in-development parts of the software.

Dimdim offers a range of competitively priced plans, from Dimdim Free (basic features, up to 10 attendees, free) up to Dimdim Business (advanced features, up to 100 attendees and optionally scalable to 1,000 participants, $33 per user per month).

Let us know what you think of the new features in Dimdim 6.0 in the comments.
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