Many Guild Fans Found Show Thru Avatar Video

Getting seen is one of the biggest challenges for a web series, even a highly successful web series like The Guild. But looking at a survey conducted yesterday on The Guild‘s Facebook wall, making a music video seemed to be a big help in boosting all-around visibility.

After being asked the question, “How did you get first introduced to The Guild?,” more than 2,750 fans have responded with their stories of finding the show through friends, blogs and other services. And while there’s a wide variety of responses, Jeff Koenig, digital media producer at CJP Digital, was the first to notice one of the most popular answers: People discovering the show via the Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? music video, produced last year to promote the premiere of Season 3.


In a breakdown of early Facebook comments posted to his personal blog, Koenig found that of the first 249 respondents to the survey, 17 percent of fans cited Date My Avatar as what led them to the show, making it the second-most popular response behind “Referral from friend/relative.” It also well exceeds discovery through Xbox, the Dr. Horrible DVD and Netflix (s NFLX) (though one commenter noted that at least in the case of Netflix, that might not be accurate).

Koenig’s results have not been updated since the initial 249 comments, but a casual scan of more recent responses supports the fact that Date My Avatar was a key gateway for fans — whether they found it through a friend, (s MSFT) (where the video was at one point featured) or by searching for “world of warcraft songs.”

It’s no wonder they created the Bollywood-inspired followup video Game On, which — since debuting a month ago — has racked up more than 500,000 views on Bing and more than 600,000 views on YouTube. Not only that, but when released on iTunes, (s AAPL) the song beat Katy Perry’s California Gurls.


It makes sense, if you think about it: Date My Avatar‘s slick production values combine nicely with a strong nerd sensibility to make it the best conceivable calling card for the show. Also, if you’re familiar with the song and you’ve read this far, be honest — is it stuck in your head again? Because it sure is stuck in mine.

UPDATE: A Guild rep writes in to say:

The Facebook wall post was simply a matter of engaging our fans, as we always try to do with our supporting web and social media sites. It’s clearly not a statistically significant ‘survey,’ just a discussion we started with our fans.

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