Scheduling App TimeDriver Rebranded as TimeTrade Professional

Faced with the multitude of scheduling apps that are now available — including Tungle.meScheduleOnceTimeBridgeDoodle, among many others — TimeTrade has been updating its product range in order to stay competitive. Recently the company announced several major changes to its TimeDriver product, including a name change.

TimeDriver was the company’s solution for individuals (as opposed to enterprise users) who wanted to allow others to see their schedules and book appointments, without revealing their entire calendar. The application also let users create different appointment “books” or specific invitations for different purposes. For example, I set up one appointment book for meetings when I was attending a conference, one for demos of products for review on this blog and yet another for recorded interviews for some of my podcasts. Each “book” could contain the same or different blocks of availability and could be sent to different people with a relevant greeting and invitation text.

The company has now announced that the TimeDriver brand would be discontinued, and the product would be moved under the broader TimeTrade brand. The three scheduling services now offered by TimeTrade now are:

  1. TimeTrade Professional. This service is the renamed TimeDriver product for individuals. It costs $29.95 per year, with a free 30-day trial.
  2. TimeTrade Workgroup Edition. This is a new application providing appointment scheduling for teams. The Workgroup version allows for corporate branding, reporting, and a way to centrally administer the application. The application also integrates with popular CRM systems like as well as with team members’ Outlook (s msft) or Google (s goog) calendars. It costs $249 per user/per year with a free 30-day trial.
  3. TimeTrade Enterprise. This is a self-service scheduling application for major corporations that includes custom web applications, lead routing, multi-location support and a widget-based tool kit and API for integration and customization. Price is available on  application.

If you would like to be able to easily send out invitations to different groups of people for self-serve appointment-making, TimeTrade Professional is a good solution. Personally, I’d use TimeTrade for custom appointment-making but will continue to use for my individual scheduling needs, coupled with occasional use of Doodle when I’m coordinating multiple people’s schedules (and especially when participants are less tech-oriented). Regardless of what tools you end up using, keep in mind time zone issues, particularly if you are traveling between time zones and scheduling; see this post about my time zone snafu and scheduling bungle.

What tool or tools do you use to sync calendars and schedule appointments?

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