Half of Macs Sold in Apple Stores to First-Time Buyers

Steve Jobs took the stage at today’s press event in San Francisco, Calif. and disclosed that Apple (s aapl) retail stores regularly hit a million visitors in a day, several days each month. The high foot traffic is translating into new customers for Apple, as Jobs declared that 50 percent of Macs sold in the retail operation are to first-time buyers of Apple computers.

Apple opened three stores this year, in London, Paris and Shanghai, bringing the number of retail outlets to 300 in 10 countries (U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy Japan, Australia, China and Switzerland). The stores aren’t just retail operations; Apple also conducts training and support sessions in the stores. Jobs stated that Apple is now conducting 80,000 “one on one” Mac training sessions each week, and has turned its stores into more than just retail operations with the Genius Bar for support and these training sessions. People view them as an “experience” central to the brand.

Infographic developed for GigaOM by Column Five Media

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