Courier: “Mail” Your Files to the Cloud

Courier is a Mac (s aapl) app that allows you to quickly and easily upload files (documents, images and videos) to a variety of online services. It uses mail as a metaphor; to upload your files, you put them into a virtual envelope and put “stamps” onto the envelope: square logo images that tell the app which services you’d like to send the file to.

It’s easy to set up; when you first drag a stamp onto an envelope, the app asks you to authenticate your account. Each time you put a stamp on your envelope, a dialog pops up with specific options for that service. For example, you’ll be asked whether you want the files uploaded to a Group or Photoset on Flickr, and whether you want to set any privacy controls. You add files to the envelope by dragging and dropping them.

Clicking “Deliver” uploads the contents of your envelope to the services that you’ve selected. Progress is displayed on a cuteĀ  map, showing the files moving from your location to their destination.

Out of the box, Courier works with Flickr (s yhoo), Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube (s goog), Amazon S3 (s amzn), Ember and FTP/SFTP. You can also download third-party plugins to enable other services to work with the app; plugins for CloudApp and TwitPic are currently available.

Courier costs $19.95. A free trial is available that allows up to five deliveries.

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(via One Thing Well)

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