Kia’s “Who’s Next” Talent Competition Enters Next Round of Voting

On Monday, Sept. 6, the final round of voting begins in Kia’s “Who’s Next” online talent competition on YouTube (s GOOG), with one of four finalists going on to receive a $10,000 grand prize for best conceptualizing the slogan “a new way to roll.” What’s interesting about the contest is that unlike traditional talent competitions, the finalists feel like an organic representation of current YouTube talent.

That shouldn’t be too surprising, as the original eight finalists were selected by YouTube stars LisaNova, ShayCarl and Smosh, leading to a pool of entries that reflects a lot of trends in popular and original online content today.

From the original entries, there’s baller David Kalb performing some jaw-dropping basketball trick shots


A quirky music video about sunglasses by Charlie Puth


A musical mash-up of live-action and animation by Travis Betz (aka The Receptionist)


And a clever comedy sketch by Dan Bakst.


I mean, there’s no diversity here — all four finalists being relatively young white dudes — and the definition of talent ranges from “good at throwing a ball into a hoop” to “good at writing, directing, editing and animating.” But if Kia was looking to this contest as a way of proving that they know what the kids are watching on YouTube, they did pretty well for themselves.

The four finalists each have to create a new video for the final round, upon which the last votes will be determined. Who are you voting for? Tell us in the comments!

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