Rumor: RIM Bought App Maker DataViz

Updated: Research in Motion (s RIMM), the Waterloo, Canada-based company behind the iconic Blackberry smartphones is rumored to have snapped up DataViz, a Milford, Conn.-based company that is well known for making mobile productivity suite, Documents to Go. Update: RIM has confirmed the purchase and did not disclose a price. ??The Conn.-based company makes this extremely popular app for all major smartphone platforms including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia’s Maemo. It also supports the iPad. DataViz recently suspended work on the WebOS version of the suite.

The rumors of the acquisition first appeared on the Crackberry Blog which apparently has received confirmation from multiple sources for the deal. RIM is said to have paid $50 million. In addition, they point out on LinkedIn many of the DataViz employees are now listing RIM as their employer. Both RIM and DataViz have not made any official announcements. I am waiting to hear back from RIM and DataViz, though I am not expecting any one to respond, considering today is a holiday on account of the Labor Day.

If the rumors are indeed true, then RIM has made a great buy. Unlike the Cellmania purchase, this one actually makes a lot of sense and I would put it right next to last year’s acquisition of WebKit browser maker, Torch Mobile.

Given how much of Blackberry is used inside the enterprise, it makes perfect sense for RIM to add apps for the enterprise to its arsenal. The company despite a higher install base than some of its newer rivals has struggled to capture the imagination of developers. Many of the best Blackberry apps are infact being made by RIM itself. DataViz’s products would also be ideally suited for the company’s rumored iPad competitor.

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