Welcome Back From Summer Vacation! (You Call That a Vacation!?)

On this Labor Day, as we in the tech world gear up for the busy fall season, I’m struck by the fact that there really didn’t seem to be a summer slowdown this year. From my perspective, the funding rounds, product releases, acquisitions, IPO filings and corporate scandals didn’t take a vacation. Perhaps there were fewer tech conferences in August, but it’s not like we had time to take off work early for the beach.

Maybe it’s just that it was frigidly cold in San Francisco for most of the last few months. Or maybe it’s that those dang super angels haven’t heard about how in August all venture capitalists are supposed to take their kids to the South of France — or at least Tahoe. Not that I’m complaining; I much prefer writing about real news than making something up!

In case you did take off to an island somewhere, or if you want to reminisce about how gosh-darn hard we all worked for the last three months, here’s a sprinkling of highlights from our top summer stories:

Photo courtesy Flickr user GViciano.